Friday, March 18, 2016

The Charming(!) Cast

The Arts Track has completed auditions and is officially working on their spring show, a funny fairy tale spoof titled Charming!

Now the hard work of line memorization, set building, costume designing, blocking, and rehearsals begins.  Performances will be on May 22nd during the CFHS Annual Talent Show, and (hopefully) we'll also be traveling to two elementary schools.  We hope to see you there!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Guest Instructor Jesùs Quintero

The Arts Track continued their foray into the acting world with internationally-renowned guest instructor Jesùs Quintero of the American Laboratory Theatre.  Students were able to learn from Mr. Quintero and his wife, Carolina Sa, through a series of improvisation games and beginning scene work.  Students commented on how they now feel more comfortable with their peers and themselves, which is so important in acting.  Students were able to explore the give and take necessary for being an actor through tag games, and to hone characters through scene work.  It was a wonderful day, and everyone learned a lot!  Next week, students will learn the basics of stage movement and blocking notations before diving into their play that they'll perform in May.

Lia, Evan, and Eliska act out a scene at a dinner table

Nona demonstrates an action in an improvisation game

Hannah "brushes her shark's teeth"

Nona and Hannah enact a scene with a mysterious letter

Shilah and Cicorra enact a scene of a doctor giving her patient bad news by mistake

Nona, Hannah, and Brian discuss "the letter"

Cicorra reacts to the news

Carolina Sa and Jesus Quintero talk with students
Students play a game to use the stage fully

"We're at the disco!"