Sunday, November 22, 2015

November Arts Track Antics

The Arts Track met three times during November, and continued to build their skills as artists while becoming closer as a team.

On November 3rd, students worked on creating a series of items out of clay, and on developing a poster that explores one of the basic human rights.  They also started working with armatures to build a representation of a person using wire that will later be covered in paper mache.

On November 17th, they worked on wrapping up previous projects, while also developing a collaborative art piece for the art show in January.  By using old CD's and yarn, students were able to weave beautiful pieces that contribute to one larger art installation.  They also created cubes to put in a larger mobile.

November 19th was supposed to be about make-up design, but due to the wind storm and an illness, the guest artists were unable to make it, and rescheduled for December 3rd.  Instead, students created cards for local nursing home residents, and also recuperating veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  They then spent the afternoon creating short promotional videos using iMovie about the tracks at CFHS.  When they are edited and ready for production, they will be posted on this blog, so stay tuned!

In December and January, students will only meet four times for tracks.  December 3rd will introduce students to theatrical make-up design.  December 8th will be spent polishing final art projects for the art show in January, and learning valuable presentation skills.   January 7th will be a run-through of the art show, and January 14th will be the big reveal in downtown Sandpoint.  Check back soon for more information!

Collaborative weaving art piece

Ellie displays the art cubes for the mobile

Students create armatures out of wire based on their hands

Students work on glazing their clay pieces