Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Theatrical Makeup Design

Mikayla Fisher and Megan Whitney, two former theater students of Ms. Palmer's, visited CFHS on December 3rd to teach the Arts Track the basics of Theatrical Makeup Design.  After going through basic terminology used in Makeup Design, students were broken into four groups.  Throughout the day, the groups rotated to learn straight makeup (enhancing normal features so they can be seen under the stage lights), old age makeup, fantastical/character makeup, and horror/wound makeup.

Mikayla Fisher competed for two years with Ms. Palmer in the IHSAA Drama Competition, making it to state both times as a makeup designer. Megan competed for three years in acting events.  Both were involved backstage and onstage in multiple performances at Lakeland High School before graduating in 2013.  Both Mikayla and Megan extended their studies in makeup design through classes at NIC.  Mikayla graduated from NIC and currently works as a preschool teacher.  Megan is finishing up her prerequisites in veterinary medicine before transferring to University of Idaho.  Both stated that being involved in the arts taught them discipline, teamwork, and to not procrastinate on long-term projects.

Students created morgues (worksheets with sketches of their designs and the makeup materials needed), watched demonstrations, and then practiced their skills on either vinyl dummy faces or each other.  The most popular was the horror/wound makeup, with students creating very realistic and gory gunshots, bruises, and lacerations.

Overall, students were able to learn several techniques for makeup design, and most were very excited to be able to share their skills and "works of art".  Below are some pictures (remember: it's all fake!) of their creations.  If (fake) blood makes you queasy, beware!

Hannah indulges Ms. Palmer's need to take pictures of her makeup process
Torri proudly displays her fake laceration
Torri adds old age make up to Veronica
Brian shows his skeleton makeup designed by Evan
Reba gets into character as a grumpy old person with her makeup applied
Megan demonstrates straight makeup techniques on Cicorra
An example of a gory wound
Reba shows off Eliska's dragon design
Maddie shows off a particularly violent version of horror makeup
An example of fantastical makeup on the vinyl head
Hope refers to a design book while Ashly serves as her model
Emily demonstrates highlighting and shadowing on the vinyl head
Another example of a nasty wound
Lily shows her amazing cat makeup
Allison did a beautiful job of creating a lion on Cicorra's face
Emily and Lily work on their fake lacerations
Shyla and Monique begrudgingly show their attempt at old age makeup
Torri works on turning Veronica into an old lady
Hannah shows her final character design
Ashly's wound design
Emily and Lia didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose them
An up close look at a fake bullet wound
Sammy and Maddie bond with their old vinyl head
Mikayla demonstrates highlights and shadows for students
Jane shows cat-like stocism
Ellie mugs for the camera

Sunday, November 22, 2015

November Arts Track Antics

The Arts Track met three times during November, and continued to build their skills as artists while becoming closer as a team.

On November 3rd, students worked on creating a series of items out of clay, and on developing a poster that explores one of the basic human rights.  They also started working with armatures to build a representation of a person using wire that will later be covered in paper mache.

On November 17th, they worked on wrapping up previous projects, while also developing a collaborative art piece for the art show in January.  By using old CD's and yarn, students were able to weave beautiful pieces that contribute to one larger art installation.  They also created cubes to put in a larger mobile.

November 19th was supposed to be about make-up design, but due to the wind storm and an illness, the guest artists were unable to make it, and rescheduled for December 3rd.  Instead, students created cards for local nursing home residents, and also recuperating veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  They then spent the afternoon creating short promotional videos using iMovie about the tracks at CFHS.  When they are edited and ready for production, they will be posted on this blog, so stay tuned!

In December and January, students will only meet four times for tracks.  December 3rd will introduce students to theatrical make-up design.  December 8th will be spent polishing final art projects for the art show in January, and learning valuable presentation skills.   January 7th will be a run-through of the art show, and January 14th will be the big reveal in downtown Sandpoint.  Check back soon for more information!

Collaborative weaving art piece

Ellie displays the art cubes for the mobile

Students create armatures out of wire based on their hands

Students work on glazing their clay pieces

Thursday, October 29, 2015

College Theater

Arts Track teamed up with the NIC Theater Department on Wednesday, October 28th to explore stagecraft and acting.  Judith McGiveney, costume designer and costuming teacher, let students explore her vast costume collection while teaching them about the art of costume design.  Students were also treated to a tour of the scene shop, where scenery and props are built for productions, the prop storage room, and the stage/auditorium.  The current production of Godspell is in full swing, so students were able to look at a set up close.  Joe Jacoby, acting teacher and production director, joined the tour and elaborated on his vision for the production.  Students were also able to visit the dressing rooms, see costumes for the current productions, and see the green room.  At 11:00, the Arts Track trundled downstairs with Joe to sit in on his beginning acting class. Students joined in with the college actors to do acting warm ups, and then watched as Piper, one of Joe's students, performed a Shakespearean monologue.  Joe worked with Piper to enhance her performance, so students were able to see how an actor takes direction to improve a performance.  It was a fabulous day, and a wonderful introduction to the world of theater for the Arts Track.
Alexis and Lia rest after pretend sword play

Lia and Emily tip their hats as English Bobbies

Kristi, Jane, and Leslie twirl parasols (and an umbrella)

Kristi, Shyla, Veronica, and Lydia rest in the furniture room

Allsion, Danielle, and Emily try on wigs

Maddie listens as Joe explains the purpose of the lights in the dressing room

Maria, Naomi, and Danielle get in touch with their inner cheerleaders as Brian and Evan look on

Jane, Leslie, and Lia participate in acting warm ups with college actors
Cicorra, Zoe, and Emily prepare for No Shave November

Zoe adds a hat to the ensemble

Ellie, Monique, and Maddie add some embellishments to their outfits

Lucy and Monique demonstrate the Greek masks representing comedy and tragedy

Alex gets in touch with his inner Carmen Miranda

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sandpoint Art Gallery Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. Lutzwolf worked closely with local art gallery owners and artists to arrange a scavenger hunt in downtown Sandpoint on Tuesday, October 20th.  Students found a myriad of public art installations around town in addition to visiting local galleries to critique pieces and talk with artists.  Students learned many lessons in addition to art critique, including gallery etiquette, time management and teamwork.  Students represented Clark Fork well, and happily discussed what they found on the bus trip back to school.  Thank you, Mrs. L., for all of your hard work and dedication in setting up this excellent activity, and a big shout out to all of the business owners in downtown Sandpoint for supporting our school.

As a closing activity after lunch, students created sidewalk art with chalk at City Beach, literally leaving their mark on Sandpoint.

Next week students will travel to North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene to tour the theater department.

Leslie finishes a beautiful mandela out of chalk at City Beach.

Arts Track 

Monique mimics one of the many art installations in downtown Sandpoint

Emily, Alex, Lily, Monique, and Reba pose for their next album cover

Sammy, Jean, Maria, and Eliska show their admiration for an abstract bicycle

Reba poses in front of some street art in Sandpoint

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Tuesday, October 13th brought a collaboration project between the Outdoors Track and the Arts Track.  Students traveled out to Kaniksu Land Trust property where Arts Track students taught Outdoors Track students the ins and outs of Plein Air.  They then participated in a scavenger hunt with photography, all the while practicing the art of composition.  It was a beautiful day to be a Wampus Cat!  Click the link below for pictures of their day.
Plein Air Collaboration

Monday, October 12, 2015

Let's Dance!

Students in the Art Track worked on collaboration and cooperation with a fun activity on Thursday. Together with a group, students had to develop a choreographed lip sync to a school-appropriate song, and perform it for others. This fun activity taught students some valuable lessons about team work and following through with a plan.  Every student got up and performed on stage, even though he/she was nervous.  Students practiced conflict resolution with peers when things weren't going the way they wanted them to go. Below is a video of students bustin' a move.  Students enjoyed it so much, they asked to do this activity again, with more time to prepare and polish.  Mrs. L. and Ms. P. agreed, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scenic Design

There is so much more to the world of theater than just the actors on stage.  There are designers and crews who spend months creating an imaginary world for the audience.  Thus far, Arts Track students have dipped their toes into the world of costume design.  Today, they also experienced scenic (set) design.  Students were asked to create scale model representations of a set that included some basic furniture and backdrop pieces.  The technical math involved in the process helped students apply algebra, ratios, geometry, and proportion--skills that will benefit them later in life.  Although they didn't have a lot of time for completing their set models, they still pulled together as teams and did a fantastic job!

Hope, Kristi, and Sophie discuss their set plan.

Lia shows off her stage while Zoe, Eliska, and Sara look on.

Hannah demonstrates the use of the knives used to cut out the foam core.

Sammy concentrates as she cuts out the pieces for her set.

Maria and Nona measure carefully.

Brian, Veronica, and Naomi display their set.

Lily, Emily, and Leslie display their set.

Eliska, Sara, Zoe, and Lia

Allison and Maddie show their set

Kristi, Hope, and Sophie show off their hard work.

Ashly, Hannah, and Jane 

Shyla and Ellie show their work

Cicorra, Maria, and Nona show their set