Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Theatrical Makeup Design

Mikayla Fisher and Megan Whitney, two former theater students of Ms. Palmer's, visited CFHS on December 3rd to teach the Arts Track the basics of Theatrical Makeup Design.  After going through basic terminology used in Makeup Design, students were broken into four groups.  Throughout the day, the groups rotated to learn straight makeup (enhancing normal features so they can be seen under the stage lights), old age makeup, fantastical/character makeup, and horror/wound makeup.

Mikayla Fisher competed for two years with Ms. Palmer in the IHSAA Drama Competition, making it to state both times as a makeup designer. Megan competed for three years in acting events.  Both were involved backstage and onstage in multiple performances at Lakeland High School before graduating in 2013.  Both Mikayla and Megan extended their studies in makeup design through classes at NIC.  Mikayla graduated from NIC and currently works as a preschool teacher.  Megan is finishing up her prerequisites in veterinary medicine before transferring to University of Idaho.  Both stated that being involved in the arts taught them discipline, teamwork, and to not procrastinate on long-term projects.

Students created morgues (worksheets with sketches of their designs and the makeup materials needed), watched demonstrations, and then practiced their skills on either vinyl dummy faces or each other.  The most popular was the horror/wound makeup, with students creating very realistic and gory gunshots, bruises, and lacerations.

Overall, students were able to learn several techniques for makeup design, and most were very excited to be able to share their skills and "works of art".  Below are some pictures (remember: it's all fake!) of their creations.  If (fake) blood makes you queasy, beware!

Hannah indulges Ms. Palmer's need to take pictures of her makeup process
Torri proudly displays her fake laceration
Torri adds old age make up to Veronica
Brian shows his skeleton makeup designed by Evan
Reba gets into character as a grumpy old person with her makeup applied
Megan demonstrates straight makeup techniques on Cicorra
An example of a gory wound
Reba shows off Eliska's dragon design
Maddie shows off a particularly violent version of horror makeup
An example of fantastical makeup on the vinyl head
Hope refers to a design book while Ashly serves as her model
Emily demonstrates highlighting and shadowing on the vinyl head
Another example of a nasty wound
Lily shows her amazing cat makeup
Allison did a beautiful job of creating a lion on Cicorra's face
Emily and Lily work on their fake lacerations
Shyla and Monique begrudgingly show their attempt at old age makeup
Torri works on turning Veronica into an old lady
Hannah shows her final character design
Ashly's wound design
Emily and Lia didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose them
An up close look at a fake bullet wound
Sammy and Maddie bond with their old vinyl head
Mikayla demonstrates highlights and shadows for students
Jane shows cat-like stocism
Ellie mugs for the camera